Ecutek RaceROM BRZ FRS GT86 upgrade

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What is RaceROM BRZ?

It is an upgrade to ProECU BRZ offering unique RaceROM features only previously available to EcuTek Tuners. Now you have the ability to custom tune your vehicle with all the same features EcuTeK Tuners and EcuTeK Master Tuners use for custom tuning. This will include custom mapping (where you can create your own maps), boost control, flex fuel tuning, switchable maps, speed density for high horsepower applications and a whole lot more. 

How Can I Get RaceROM  BRZ?

It is purchased through your EcuTeK Master Tuner, Delicious Tuning 

What Do I Get With RaceROM BRZ?

Purchasing the RaceROM BRZ upgrade offers owners the following unique features:
  • - 4 Way Map Switching
  • - Speed Density
  • - High Horsepower Forced Induction Load Limiter Lift
  • - Custom Maps offering unique functionality, such as:
    • - Traction Control
    • - FlexFuel tuning
    • - Closed Loop Boost Control 


The Upgrade to RaceROM BRZ adds the following Advanced and Intermediate maps:

Map Switching

Map switching for the BRZ, FT86 and FR-S provides 4 separate customisable tuning modes, which can be changed on-the-fly by the driver using either the cruise control switchgear, the traction control switches, the defog-switch or the automatic transmission mode switches (only available on models with the automatic transmission).

These modes can be customised to provide bespoke settings such as:

  • Valet mode - Limits enabled so that the Engine RPM is limited or the torque is limited.
  • Economy Mode - The car is tuned to provide the best fuel economy but with reduced performance.
  • Race Mode - High power mode for track use.
  • Dual Fuel Mode - Settings for different fuel types such as E85 or high quality race fuel.

The map switching also works with other RaceROM features such as Launch Control, Flat-foot Shifting, Throttle Auto-blip or Speed Density. It can also be combined with the RaceROM Custom Maps to enable custom features and functions under certain conditions. 

Speed Density

The Speed Density (SD) feature changes the way the engine load is calculated. When SD mode is activated, the ECU will disregard the MAF sensor reading and will instead calculate mass airflow based on Engine Speed, Manifold Pressure and Air Temperature, this allows the MAF sensor to be removed, and a larger intake may then be fitted if desired.

Speed Density can be toggled in any map switch modes, and a hybrid MAF and Speed Density system can be implemented to aid accurate readings at low speed and provide maximum calibration at high power levels. A range of activation options are available for Engine Speed, Mass Air Flow or Manifold Pressure.

To view the other available RaceROM Features, please use the menu to the right entitled RaceROM Features.

High Horsepower Forced Induction Load Limiter Lift

This RaceROM feature is only available to trade customers, or retail customers that have purchased the optional RaceROM BRZ upgrade.

The High Horsepower Forced Induction Load Limiter Lift feature allows for high horsepower for vehicles with forced induction (Supercharger or Turbocharger). 

Custom Maps

RaceROM Custom Maps allow the tuner to modify the behaviour of the factory ECU by inserting additional maps into the ECU's nomal calculations for parameters such as ignition timing, fuel, boost & VVT, and even repurpose inputs and outputs to measure custom sensors or solenoids not featured on the standard vehicle.

This facility lets you add custom compensations or even completely replace the calculations that are normally used. For example:

  • Per gear fuel enrichment factor.
  • Vechicle speed based ignition retard.
  • Torque reduction for engine oil temperature.
  • Throttle reduction for airflow.
  • Torque reduction for wheel speed differential.
  • E85 enrichment factor for injection volume.
  • Custom traction control strategies for wheel speed differential.

Ignition compensation for Engine Speed and Manifold PressureRaceROM Custom Maps enables you to repurpose an input sensor and actuator output, allowing you to control devices not provided by the manufacturer, such as a wastegate purge solenoid or intercooler spray pump, or read data from a custom sensor such as charge air temperature or ethanol content (flex-fuel) sensors.

This map is a custom ignition compensation for Engine Speed and Manifold Pressure.

Entire functions can be created by linking maps together such as:

  • Boost control and wastegate duty feedback by repurposing the Carbon Purge Canister valve to act as a boost control solenoid.
  • Enrichment factor for E85 content by connecting a flex-fuel sensor in place of the Carbon Purge Canister pressure sensor.

Each of the custom maps can be logged and viewed using ProECU log viewer.