BRZ FRS GT86 FT86 email tuning with Ecutek

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Ecutek email tuning for Subaru BRZ Scion FRS Toyota GT86 FT86

email for setups beyond what's listed here!

STAGE 1- otherwise stock vehicle running solely a cold air intake or drop in filter (catback exhaust ok as well)

STAGE 2- stage 1+ Full exhaust on 91/93 octane

STAGE 3-stage 1 or 2 + flex fuel sensor on e85

BOOSTED 93- turbo or supercharger on 91 or 93 octane (stock engine sub 400hp)

BOOSTED FLEX FUEL-turbo or supercharger with flex fuel (stock engine sub 400hp)

we also may require an aem x series wideband be installed for some applications

tuning with injectors other oem, injector dynamics, or fuel injector Clinic may be subject to additional fees. Heavily modified setups/built engine, camshaft upgrades, etc  may be subject to additional fees as well.

pricing does not include ecutek hardware or any flash points. those are purchased separately  here:

*for USA based customers- We cannot tune to accommodate for any modifications that delete factory emissions equipment on any vehicle. you may experience a check engine light if you modify in such a way

Deciding to stop the tuning process once it has begun, is not grounds for a refund for any reason per the terms of service. 30+days of no contact between emails may result in additional fees to continue tuning. 

refunds are not available on email tuning under any circumstances once the file has been emailed as it cant be returned. files are sent out in the order they are received, typically within 1-7 business days (M-F 10am-5pm CST) but varying work loads can extend these times. Repeated messages will delay the process as they show up and new emails, and push you further back in line

be sure to provide an accurate email address at checkout as well will contact you and send files to that address

 by purchasing, downloading, flashing, installing, or using any of our tune files or other products in any way you agree to the "terms of service" listed at