BP900 EJ25 Stage 4 Short Block (900bhp)

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BP900 EJ25 Stage 4 Short Block (900bhp)

Our BP900 short block is for those getting serious about track days and really stepping up the performance of your build.

We use brand-new OEM EJ257 case halves and crankshafts, paired with forged JE pistons & forged Brian Crower ProH625+ I-beam Connecting Rods with ARP 625+connecting rod bolts, as well as ACL or King main & rod bearings. Short blocks are built in our dedicated clean facility, and long block assembly is also available. 

Brown’s Performance stands behind all of our products, offering a limited warranty with every short block.

** All components are in stock, but please allow a 2-3 week build time as each short block is built to spec **


Brown's Performance BP900 Stage 4 Short Block Features:

-New OEM STi Block Halves

-New OEM STi Crankshaft 

-Closed Deck

-JE 99.75mm Pistons Subaru EJ25 Ultra Series (8.5:1 CR on D25 Cylinder Heads (EJ255) or 8.2:1 CR on B25, V25 and W25 EJ257 Heads with OEM Head Gasket)

-Callies EJ257 / EJ255 625+ I-Beam connecting rods with ARP 625+ connecting rod bolts

-New OEM Case Bolts (8 long, 2 short, 1 extra short)

-ACL or King Race Bearings

-Short Block Assembly

-Blackstone Labs Oil Test Kits (2x)

-Recommended for up to 900 bhp

Warranty Information: 

Brown’s Performance short blocks include a 12 month/12,000 Mile limited warranty, pending engine registration with proof of professional installation & proper maintenance.

We provide two prepaid oil analysis kits from Blackstone laboratories; samples should be taken during the break-in period at 50 and 500 miles. Warranty will be void if these are not utilized.

All products will be shipped requiring your signature for delivery. be sure to make arrangements to be available on the date tracking shows it will arrive. Returns for missed shipments are subject to a 20% restocking fee