Ecutek Connect Pro Ecu bluetooth Cable Programming Kit

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ProECU Ecutek Connect bluetooth Cable Programming Kit


The ProECU Programming Kit can be used by car enthusiasts, and owner clubs alike to both diagnose and program a wide variety of vehicles. 

See what vehicles these kits support here

There are two options. Both kits require a Laptop and a wired connection from there to the OBD II port. The ProECU USB kit, pictured above right, has the interface included in the cable and the ECU Connect + Dongle kit, pictured above left, has a separate cable included to connect the laptop with the ECU Connect Interface.

At its simplest, the programming kit can be used for diagnostics and data logging. However, its most impressive feature is to allow EcuTek Master Tuners to tune customer vehicles remotely. The Master Tuner supplies suitable ROM files to the vehicle owner, who can use it to program these ROM files into their own car. If any fine-tuning is required, the customer can data-log the car and send the logs to the Master Tuner for their scrutiny and advice. The kit will program and log all EcuTek Supported vehicles.

ECU Connect + Dongle Extra Features

Our free ECU Connect App can be used to create dashboards, read and clear DTCs and control some of our custom RaceROM features in conjunction with our ECU Connect Interface. Find out more about ECU Connect here

Free Software

With the Programming Kit, you get FREE software included. So if you are competent enough to know your way around tuning a car and own either a Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT-86/Scion FR-S or Mazda Miata MX-5 Gen 3 (NC), then you can use the software to tune your own car. If your car has not been tuned on EcuTek before, a Flash Fee of 225 Flashpoints will be required for the Subaru/Toyota/Scion and 155 Flashpoints for the MX-5 Miata. These can be purchased from the Master Tuner who supplied the kit. Their contact details should be inside the kit.

Find out more about the FREE Software for Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT-86/Scion FR-S here.

Find out more about the FREE Software for the Mazda Miata MX-5 Gen 3 (NC) here.

Upgrading your FREE Software

If you want to go further with the kit and bolt on a forced-induction kit to your car, you will need to upgrade the FREE software with the RaceROM pack. For the Subaru/Toyota/Scion, you will need RaceROM BRZ bolt-on, and for the MX-5 Miata, you will need the RaceROM MX-5 bolt-on. 

Neither these devices or our tuning support any modifications to emissions equipment of any kind on any vehicle for any reason. 

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