BP900 EJ25 Stage 4 Short Block (900bhp)

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BP900 EJ25 Stage 4 Short Block (900bhp)

Our BP900 short block is for those getting serious about track days and really stepping up the performance of your build.

We use brand-new OEM EJ257 case halves and crankshafts, paired with forged JE pistons & forged Brian Crower ProH625+ I-beam Connecting Rods with ARP 625+connecting rod bolts, as well as ACL or King main & rod bearings. Short blocks are built in our dedicated clean facility, and long block assembly is also available. 

Brown’s Performance stands behind all of our products, offering a limited warranty with every short block.

** All components are in stock, but please allow a 2-3 week build time as each short block is built to spec **


Brown's Performance BP900 Stage 4 Short Block Features:

-New OEM STi Block Halves

-New OEM STi Crankshaft 

-Closed Deck

-JE 99.75mm Pistons Subaru EJ25 Ultra Series (8.5:1 CR on D25 Cylinder Heads (EJ255) or 8.2:1 CR on B25, V25 and W25 EJ257 Heads with OEM Head Gasket)

-Brian Crower EJ257 / EJ255 625+ I-Beam connecting rods with ARP 625+ connecting rod bolts

-New OEM Case Bolts (8 long, 2 short, 1 extra short)

-ACL or King Race Bearings

-Short Block Assembly

-Blackstone Labs Oil Test Kits (2x)

-Recommended for up to 900 bhp

Warranty Information: 

Brown’s Performance short blocks include a 12 month/12,000 Mile limited warranty, pending engine registration with proof of professional installation & proper maintenance.

We provide two prepaid oil analysis kits from Blackstone laboratories; samples should be taken during the break-in period at 50 and 500 miles. Warranty will be void if these are not utilized.